What portal add-ons are these three sites using?


I'm thinking of building a news site using Xenforo, and I stumbled across these three sites by accident, and I'm wondering what attachments they use? It doesn't look like (XF2 [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO), if it's a custom add-ons, why is it so similar? Checking by wappalyzer is not wordpress either.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, I’m on mobile so can’t really check but you can create a news site by just using the built in article type threads that XF2 offers, like I have done here https://www.joyfreak.com/news/

It will require some css to change the way it looks. You can obviously have it as the landing page/portal page but in my case the forums is the homepage.


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Just the last two. Pc gamer is UK based.
Still part of Future Publishing though and shares their tech stack.

Their tech stack is pretty massive and complicated though, I interviewed with them last year and its pretty hardcore - so much more than just a forum with content able to be reused in various ways.