RM 1.0 Are these things possible?

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Hi everyone,

I recently renewed my license and purchased the resource manager. It looks like the RM is going to make a lot of the features I have planned possible; however, there are several things it doesn't seem to do out of box that I'm aware of. Below I have a few questions/features - are these currently possible (how?), if not are there plugins, and if not, what would you suggest (any workarounds or custom coders you'd recommend)? This will be for XF 1.2 and RM 1.01.

  • Ability to assign particular users (or usergroups) to particular resources/resource categories to edit the original post. Some resources will need to be upgraded or improved, and as public resources, the original resource poster might not stick around to edit/improve it - I'd like forum staff to be able to assign/reassign particular members the ability to edit either particular entries or resources in particular categories in the RM. Alternatively, I'd like to be able to treat certain resources as wikis - I'd like a particular usergroup to be able to edit and improve the original resource post/description.
  • Limit permissions on a per resource basis (or per category if not possible for particular resources). Some resources should only be available to paid/supporter users. I'd like only this supporter usergroup to be able to view most resources - though ideally there would be some resources in these resource categories visible to the public. Additionally, if they didn't have permissions to view the resource they'd be redirect to another page. I found this Resource Category User View Permissions plugin, however, it seems to only be for categories without the ability to exclude particular resources, and it's uncertain if it's compatible with 1.2.
  • Add recent forum posts to specific, additional RM category tab. I'd like some RM categories to have an additional tab for forums I can specify. This should be able to include either the forum the resource thread is in, but also additional "unrelated" forums.
  • Select/highlight tabs for specified resource categories. Some resources warrant their own tabs, others don't - those that do should have all resources in that category and sub-categories to have this tab selected/highlighted. Those without their own tab would all stay under the main Resources tab. I believe this was possible in 1.1 with a plugin. Searching doesn't show anything for 1.2.
  • Hide certain categories when viewing certain categories. Some categories (the ones with their own tab, mentioned above) should only show subcategories and not the entire RM. I'd like to be able to customize what categories show when viewing 2 or 3 particular categories.
  • Customize the left and right resource sidebars.
  • Category with private, member-specific resources. This would act as a sort of personal tracker. For example, say the site is about going to college. This tracker would have a "College Submissions" category, where members could enter a resource for every college they apply to (possibly under a subcategory of their username/id) - but it would be tailored to each member, and others couldn't see their entries in this particular category (unless the user made it public). Each resource they enter would have their base description of their submission, and should have the ability to update status (draft, sent, received, rejected, accepted) and ideally would be able to be associated with other resources (say the user could click "associate resource" and their submission would be linked to a resource for that specific college they applied for on their entry). I know this one doesn't exist, unless it's a paid addon somewhere? Just thinking out loud with this one. :p

Thanks guys! I'm very excited to move my board to XF.

P.S. - is there going to be a new version of the RM (with new features) anytime soon? I'm guessing it's just unannounced...