XF 2.0 How are they creating these spam links on my forum?


I was just perusing the backlinks to my site and came across 1000's of spam links pointing to URL's on my forum. There were a lot of them.
This is one example of a page that some of the links were pointing to:
Obviously something nefarious going on. I have not seen this before.

How can I stop this and get rid of them all?

(AHREF's backlink tool reports finding 79 of these spam backlinks to these types of URL's on my forum in he last 24hrs; most of the links to me are fake blog comments - so whatever is going on they are ramping it up)
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I still have not been able to get to the bottom of this.
The links continue to be created on my forum.
Here is another example:

A lot of spam backlinks have appeared on other sites pointing to that URL

Anyone have any idea how they are creating these on my forum?

How can i search via phpmyadmin for those links to find the cource?
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In XF1, manually navigating to the link proxy will display an interstitial page. It looks like interstitial page template has a typo that negates the link being treated as nofollow.

XF1 is no longer supported, but you should be able to address this by editing the link_redirect template and replacing nowfollow with nofollow.
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