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XF 1.4 How exactly do you install Xenforo with IIS 7.5?

Hello XF Community,
Lately I have been having problems installing Xenforo with IIS 7.5 and have not found a single tutorial on how to do it. I need help installing XF on IIS 7.5, if you can please help me as this has been bugging me for the longest.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
What particular problems are you having?

I have done several installations on IIS (not sure of the versions).

Jeremy P

Well-known member
The rewrite rules that come with XF are for friendly URLs, in which case the link above contains the appropriate IIS configuration.

If you're talking about other rewrite rules, you'll need to be more specific.
It still does not work, I can't even get to the installation. I do not know if anybody can help me via Teamviewer or any other multi viewer software because I really need the help.