how do you install xenforo to your server

I want to make a forum with a shared hosting is it easy to install the files to your server, does the 1 year support include xenforo help me to install it


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no install isnt included (unless you pay for the install service) however installing xenforo as easy as installing any other php script.

Tracy Perry

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Actually the install itself is not included, but you WILL get support on how to install it, either via the forums (and there are already several topics out there about it) or even through tickets. They won't log in and do it for you, bu tit is actually quite easy to install.
Basic question but I honestly don't know the technical answer behind this ? therefore I figure I ask before I jump.

Will CPANEL file manager work for upload and install? I notice many say it's not a good way to upload therefore one should use a FTP client. I can't find info if filemangaer will work. TY
TY Please excuse the newbie questions but I am still learning....This install will go into>CPANEL via /home> (mywebiste folder) domain dot com (folder) correct? the sud directory of my folder correct?

therefore install directory will look like this:CPANELFILEM /home/username/

Floyd R Turbo

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Your Xenforo installs into the public_html directory, or a sub folder. Addons go into various sub-folders. This will be clearer when you look at the zip files.
Ok I did set up FTP and followed instructions and fro client created the path above...TY any pros or cons of installing into public_html or sub folder line the .com except for being neater :)

Apologies just want to do this the best way first try...I am ready to upload and get started

TY again


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Btw., if you have Cpanel, you should have enough possibilites to ditch insecure FTP and switch to SFTP.
With FTP, you're an easy target for being hacked.


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What's there to elaborate? A connection where both password and file content are not encrypted and authenticated just screams "please read the password and change the uploaded files" (and with full control over all website files, there are many things an attacker can do).

In times not just the NSA, but many ISPs routinely sniff, and >90% of home routers are completely insecure too (anything from default password and missing updates, to AMT etc.etc), getting to a point where your connection can be read isn't hard either.