XF 1.5 How do you install on a VPS?


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I'm really confused and frustrated because I can't figure out how to install XenForo on a VPS server. I've put the application in the root folder on the FTP access with the password and username all provided in the email. The website uses cPanel. I have a dedicated IP right now (until I feel like the website should go live, I won't use a domain). My issue is when I go to the dedicated IP on my web browser, I get a "404 page not found" or a "Sorry! If you are the owner please contact the hosting provider" message. This message isn't from Xenforo either it's from the hosting provider. I currently use Hostek as my hosting provider. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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You say you uploaded the files to the root folder - is that the public_html (or equivalent) directory?

I suspect where you have uploaded the files is not the correct location for where the domain resolves.

I advise using a basic php info file to determine where that is - you can just keep moving that file in the file system until it resolves.
You can create one using this:


Then name it something like test.php and append that to the URL to see if it resolves.
So for example, you would enter mydomain.com/test.php in your browser address bar.


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my dumb self bought the wrong service! I just got it transferred over to what I actually needed, and will try to see if I can figure out how to install XenForo on that. I bought an enterprise type thing with more confusing setups and all that. I'll reply back if I need any help.