XF 1.5 How, exactly, do private conversations work?

Wildcat Media

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We had an account get deleted in XF. As a rule we never delete accounts--we just ban them. So, it was easy to restore this member's posts, trader feedback (for an add-on), and everything else.

However, no matter what I do, I can't get private conversations working. Using the username column, I was able to reassign all user ID columns to the new member account. I've queried all four tables and all data is in place; even the serialized data looks perfect, with the updated user ID. Conversations are still open, recipient state is active, everything else looks OK to, comparing to recent messages in the table. I've run the Rebuild Conversations task a couple of times now and it still isn't working.

What's happening now is this:
  • The new member account shows none of the private conversations from the old account.
  • The other participants in the old account's conversation send messages that never arrive at the member's new account.

I am probably missing one thing here. Is there something in another table I'm missing that is preventing these messages from being restored? Everything appears as it should, and all other account features were restored. So this has me wondering what I've missed.


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Nothing obvious is missing from your explanation. The conversation tables are the main ones and if all of the data is there, there isn't any obvious reason that they shouldn't be visible.

You may wish to enable debug mode temporarily and view the conversation list for the user. If you click into the debug info (in the footer), you'll see all the queries run. You can pull the specific conversation list query and audit that to determine why the records aren't being returned. If you resolve that, it'll probably resolve the other issues.

Wildcat Media

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@Mike, thanks for the info on getting the queries in debug mode. I'll report back and let you know what I've found.

I agree--it's puzzling and I can't figure out a valid reason why they can't be displayed, as all the data has been changed to the new user ID.