How to delete all private Conversations


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In order to clean up the forum after 12 years we would like to delete all old private conversations of our members. How could I do that?

Thank you in advance :)


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i would not recommend doing this.

people may get upset if they want to reference an old item in there. if you do go with it, make sure you give notice and tell everyone to save it locally with a lot of notice.


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Initially used Andy's addon to remove anything several years old, and worked from there. Today, I remove anything over a year old every couple weeks.

But that's me. I prefer that they communicate on the public forums than in private conversations.


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I'd do it for banned members as surely there may be some spam, but not active users. Imagine you log into Twitter one day and your DMs are gone. And yeah, they sent an email they were cleaning house. So what? I'd still be pissed. Leave the messages.