XF 2.2 How to delete old posts in a thread?


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Our forum has a thread in one of our nodes that contains only birthday greetings. The thread is funny & humorous; and it has helped create a sense of community & friendship among our forum members. The thread was created in 2008 (on phpBB long before I became a forum administrator) and has continued to grow over the past 15 years to 100+ pages....to the point where older posts on the thread are no longer relevant. Birthday greetings from 15 years ago are not particularly interesting.

I would like to either delete, archive, or remove from view, posts on this thread that are more than 2 years old. How can I do that?

After a search on the Xenforo forums, I don't find any discussion of this subject; and it doesn't seem to me that ACP > Forums > Thread Properties > Custom thread fields would be the solution. :unsure:
Not that there's anything wrong with a thread. It was back when we moved to XF, and we wanted to promote profiles, and a notice worked.
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