XF 2.2 I am stumped. How to delete an entire post and thread


I am an admin, yet i do not see an option to delete a thread or post.

I created atest user and a group called super moderators. I have given that group all the privs and assigned the new test user to that group. I still dont see where the heck I can delete a thread.

any clues would be appreciated :)

Onlything I can find in search here is permanantly delete threads that have been soft deleted. no luck on just a simple deletethread search.

Delete the first post or use the tool drop down at the top right of the thread.


Note that in XF administrator and moderator are two distinct roles.

Staff members can be one, or the other, or both.

Account status is as important as permissions.
Not a real fan of going though specific user permissions... unless it's changed (which I honestly don't know if it has) when you did that (been a long time since I did), those users would not show up as "moderators" and you had to remember specific user permissions given to an individual user.
As I said, this may have changed, but it's easier just to do it in the centralized area that is set aside for it. That way, the ONLY permissions you see are those directly related to Moderation abilities... you don't have to go into the Moderator section of individual user permissions for every add-on that you have that utilize them. It's too easy to miss something otherwise, as an example, I have a tad over 300 moderator setting options available on my site.
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Regardless of how permissions are applied - at the user or user group level is the same end result - the account still needs to be explicitly promoted to moderator status for certain functionality.
Being in more than one user group isn't an issue unless the permission is set to Never in one of them.

I recommend reading up on how user groups, permissions, and staff statuses work.

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