How does Xenforo handle facebook registrations?

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
Does Xenforo assign a dummy password when members register using Facebook?
I'm guessing so because people will need to have a password to log in via mobile apps like Tapatalk.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member

Facebook users have no password at all if they have registered only via Facebook.

They cannot log in with a password (e.g. using Tapatalk, or Admin CP) until they set one and they can do that using the reset password, forgot my password or by disassociating their Facebook account.

All of these result in a password being set.

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
So Xenforo allows them to enter a blank password into the reset box. vBulletin doesn't which is why our custom Facebook plugin is causing some problems for people.
Dah the sooner we move to XF the better.