How do you manage cryptopayments on your forum?

I wonder if both of these statements is 100% correct :)

People can always request.

Administrators don't allow it or use simply a wallet and do the procedures manually.

By the way, @Max Fridman, I also have add-ons that allow you to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin on your server without the participation of third parties)

I will consider them.

I was looking from feedback from other forum administrators, this thread is discussing crypto from an asset perspective not from an utility to get paid and get out of it.
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I have never had anyone ask to use that as a payment method. If I did, I'd give it serious consideration.
Don't believe item 5 is correct. Here are several articles regarding cryptocurrency fraud losses.
Yes, and all these funds were stolen due to the stupidity of users who themselves transferred their funds to scammers) This does not reflect the essence in any way: no one can steal your crypto without your help)

By the way, I forgot that I am also a forum administrator and I accept payment in cryptocurrency. Demand, in fact, is much less than on PayPal, but it is also there and is part of my sales. Most of the bitcoin I save in anticipation of halving.
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