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How do you hook into global header

Discussion in 'XenForo Development Discussions' started by Nudaii, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Nudaii

    Nudaii Well-Known Member

    howdy all , i have found how to food into indiviual things like thread/forum etc but how cna i hook a custom controller to show on index page of forum or every page
  2. Robust

    Robust Well-Known Member

    The page layout is controlled by the template PAGE_CONTAINER, if that's what you mean. If you want to add something to every page, you should probably add it in the appropriate place in that template.
  3. Nudaii

    Nudaii Well-Known Member


    sorry for not being clear, I am looking for a way to expand the params of the global header so I can use my own variables from an array, on custom pages, thread or forum I have found right one to set listener for, but unsure which handles global
  4. Nudaii

    Nudaii Well-Known Member

    lol just noticed auto correct changed the first hook into food xD

    @Lawrence any ideas on which controller to extend to target the page_container with new params?
  5. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    You don't need/want a controller for this. Looking at adding a listener to the container_public_params event.
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  6. Nudaii

    Nudaii Well-Known Member

  7. Nudaii

    Nudaii Well-Known Member

    Made some progress on this but hit a roadblock. when using this code

    class RRWS_RPMarket_Listener_Ad
        public static function 
    getString(array &$paramsXenForo_Dependencies_Abstract $dependencies)
    // Run Queries on the Database
    $advertNum rand(1,4);
    $advertQuery $db->fetchAll("SELECT * FROM `xf_advert_rp` WHERE `ad_id` = $advertNum");
    $params = array('advertParam' => $advertQuery);
    Ir works as far as putting correct array data to template {xen:helper dump, $advertParam}

    array(1) {
      [0] => array(5) {
      ["ad_id"] => int(1)
      ["ad_title"] => string(10) "Test Title"
      ["ad_text"] => string(12) "Test Message"
      ["ad_image"] => NULL
      ["ad_owner"] => string(7) "Richard"
    However it kills off all ajax/java functions on site when enabled, can you spot my mistake?

    @Mike @Lawrence
  8. Lawrence

    Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Hi, :) From your quoted code:
    $params = should be something like this: $params['adventParam'] = $advertQuery; (or use array_merge).
    The way you have it now $params is being reassigned as a new array.
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  9. Nudaii

    Nudaii Well-Known Member

    works perfectly now! thanks @Lawrence.

    btw you may get a kick out of my use for this, its to allow in character adverts for the role plays on my site :D


    "Visit the Starlight Inn"
    Best prices and least chance of death anywhere near the darklands! just alittle fun thing for the writers :D
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  10. Lawrence

    Lawrence Well-Known Member

    I never even thought about that for my site, that is a fantastic idea that would bring realism to a RPG site, :)

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