How do sub-sub-forums appear?


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Do sub-sub-forums behave in the same way as sub-forums?

Will for example a sub-forum of Resolved Bug Reports appear in the drop down on forum home or only on the Bug Reports forum?

Any chance of some test sub-sub-forums in the test forum so we can see how it works?


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Thanks Kier.

That's how I thought and hoped it would work.

P.S. Is there an upper age limit for that forum? :D


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Screengrabs (with some info removed) from my development board, where there are lots of subforums
You have *no* idea how happy that makes me! That will be a suitable replacement for some (expensive) custom coding I had scheduled.


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It might be an idea to put arrows to denote sub-forums.

P.S: Is there a 'sub-forum depth limit' like vBulletin that we can specify a level to search for sub-forums?

Is it just me who referenced the titles to real-life situations. "I am the child of the parent with no parent", "Very deep" :cool: