XF 1.5 How to make Forums appear in a small grid like the subforums (see picture)

My site has a huge number of subforums: http://xf.bladeforums.com

If possible, I'd like to take the standard listing (which requires a lot of vertical scrolling)

and have it compacted down like the subforums are listed here:

Is there a way to have the first level of forums do that?


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Style Properties -> Forum / Node List -> Settings -> Show sub-forums popup

Uncheck that.
Right, that's unchecked, and the 2nd level of subforums do the grid (as shown under Hosted Knifemakers Forums). Is there a way for the first level, parent level forums (that display under our main categories) to do that?


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No, that's not an option but you can likely achieve it with some custom CSS.

Mr. Jinx

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You could make a new forum called "Knife Specific Discussion" and disable new postings in that forum, then add all your forums as child to "Knife Specific Discussion".

Or... install this XF 2.0 theme: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/xf-2-0-theme.5413/
There is an option in Style Properties: [DohTheme] --> Theme Options where you can set the nodes layout to two columns.
Ok, it's not three columns, but it looks pretty neat!

Mike Creuzer

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Hi there, thanks for the PC. Yes, this is something totally doable. Here is one working example, and Ive posted some customizations Ive done to this post: https://forums.macrumors.com/ (Or checkout our portfolio).

Various frameworks and add-ons will offer this as well such as Relect Grid (though this may do just 50/50), themes by @Arty, and by @ThemeHouse as examples and others as well