Let's talk about how to make a thread appear in several forums


I want to let users have the ability to post new thread and specify severals secondary forums that thread will be displayed in. The thread will be listed as if it belongs to the secondary forums, sort by last reply... etc... the only different is clicking on it will send users to the thread in original forum (with correct breadcrumb... etc...)

There are times that one of our user want to post a howto in a manufacturer specific forums, our moderators think the thread belong to the Howto forum but the owner don't want it there.

This will solve our problem and I'm sure there are some of you will find this useful also.

steven s

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Then there are users who think the thread should be in multiple forums when they shouldn't.
Interesting concept though.

My auto forum is specific to one model so it is easier, but I do have a knowledge base section and forums which get blurry between the two.

And sometimes in my vB forum I usually would copy the post to a different forum. Close the original post and provide a link to the open thread.
But if someone was searching for Howto, wouldn't they find it regardless?

I think the resource manager would be good for Howto articles once it's released.


No, normal user won't have the ability to specify secondary forums to a thread, only moderators can, if they decide that a thread should be in some other forums, they do it.

Maybe some well respected users have the ability to do this to their own threads.

So I'm thinking that this need to have an user permission that can be assigned.

Any idea where should I look at?