XF 2.1 How to add Categories and Sub Forums

Hi guys! Of course it was more than a year ago that I designed my layout and now forget how to add new forums under a heading. How do I make a new heading, and/or add categories and subforums under a "parent" forum post? My page is https://thelinnieforum.com/ - for example, how would I add a new topic area to "linnie basics" and how would I add a sub-category to say, the "handfeeding" section? Thank you in advance. Happy Friday! - Laura


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AdminCP >> Forums >> Nodes

Add a new category:
  • Add node
  • Node type = Category
Add forum to existing Category - two options:
  • Use the method above except select Forum instead of Category and then select the Parent for the new forum
  • Alternatively, use this method:
    • Find the category you want in your list
    • Click Add.. at far right
    • Choose Sibling or Child
    • Sibling = add another node (category or main forum)
    • Child = add a subforum or subcategory