XF 1.4 How do I send an user a "reset password" email

One of my users tells me that they have accidentally locked themselves out of Xenforo. She is not the most computer savvy person. She sent me an email and I directed her to use the "forgot password" link in the login window. I am waiting for her response.

Anyway, as the admin, I see that I can enter a new password directly on her user profile field. Easy enough. But, I do not want to enter a password and then communicate it via email as that is not secure. What I would like to do is to force the "reset password" email as the admin. But, I cannot find, and probably because I am a newbie, is how to send a password reset email to a user. Would appreciate any guidance.




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Members can perform a password reset themselves by clicking the link here:


There is no other way of doing it.