XF 2.2 Missing reset password email


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I read the previous problems and answers. I can't seem to work it out.
Problem: lost admin password - need to reset, i enter email and my xenforo site states that it sent me an email and to follow the instructions.

I go to email, not there. Not in spam. (protonmail)

I log in as my test user (not admin) and reset password. No problem, I get the email, I reset the password. (yahoo)

I go to xenforo (here) and reset my password, I get the email to reset and all is well here. (protonmail)

Why can't I get the reset email from my main admin account when everything is working?


How to force a password into the code or change to another email? I have access to all the files under the hood.

Thank you!
Thanks for the advice above it helped in a way to resolve my issue which is similar to the above user but……

I changed the email address and I’m still not getting any emails at all?

Is there a way to edit the password directly via the database?

Regards and sorry for jumping on the OPs thread.
So try this...
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