XF 1.2 How do I delete all users and data to start over?


I want to delete all content and users in my forum and start fresh. I teach and use the forum for my students, but each year I have new students. How do I start over?

Should I completely install Xenforo over again or can I just delete the content?



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Easiest is most likely start fresh, set it up the way you want to, and then take a back up of the database. This way you can restore to a freshly configured version every year.


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I suggest naming your forums in a way that is clear for which year the information pertains. Then delete the forums that are no longer needed. You can also delete past years members based on certain criteria.
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A couple of options.

Option 1
Create a category called Fall 2012. Click on permissions. Set to private mode. Move all forums into that category.

Create a category called Fall 2013. Create forums to your liking (use the 2012 to guide your new forums), keep them in this category.

Finally, when you are happy with the layout then remove all the 2012 forums ... you might consider keeping them in the Fall 2012 for awhile ...

Click on the red X next to the category called Fall 2012.

Leave "Delete this node's children"

Click on Delete Category

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 7.03.44 PM.png

As stated above, in XF 1.2, users may be removed in mass based on criteria of your choice. I just removed 18, 000 members last night using the option. It's fast.

Option 2
Move all the old forums into category called Fall 2012.
Create new category called Fall 2013 and new forums in it.
Create usergroup student2012 move current users into group.
Create usergroup student2013 for all new members.
Set category and forum permissions so that student 2012 only sees 2012 and student2013 only sees 2013.


Could not we just remove all the bases? I have a test forum, and when I finish all the work I'd like to delete all the messages, all users, all attachments, avatars and more. And how do you do that simple?