How disable likes for user groups?


  • I'm Admin
  • I don't wont that user gives me likes every time!
  • I don't like that.
  • So, How can i disable like for admin group?


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You could wrap a conditional around the like link to stop it showing on admin posts, but they could still like you by navigating to the link directly.


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I agree with @Clickfinity on this.

Does it really matter that as an admin you get lots of Likes from users? Personally I don't see Likes as a popularity contest or a competition to get the highest number. To me, they are a great way for users to show that they like or agree with something without them feeling the need to make a post to do so.


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If the alerts bother you, you can disable them in the preferences. Just like you'll be able to disable alerts for tags and such.