Other is there a simpler way to set permissions for user groups?


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I have about 70 user groups

I have more than 100 forum categories

For each category I have to set permissions for 70 groups, which is quite cumbersome.

It would be easier if there was an option for forum category permissions where we could add only the groups we want

nodebb smf permission system is very practical this way

Is there a plugin for Xenforo where I can set permissions more concisely?
For example, a simple system like this works better and is the easy way

View attachment 303459

That system works because Invision isn't terribly powerful and fine-grained about the permissions you can give a user.

You don't normally need to set permissions for every group in every forum. That runs counter to the entire idea of how the permission's system works. You only need to set specific permissions in forums where that group's permissions differ from their regular permissions.
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