Disable ads for users

How to disable ads for specific users in the forum such as admins and moderators plus time X disable ads.

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a way to disable ads all type of ads for specific amount of users, for example admin users and moderators, to have no ads on the forum
I'm sure that we can actually have that already set up inside but I don't know how
I prefer not to have an add-on but I don't is the only solution then fine, could someone point me to the right direction to disable user x and user double x to have no ads at all

It would be also good idea to have an add-on to disable ads for all users that are new for the first week for example

To be honest I don't think I'm asking too much but this should be part of the forum anyway so I don't know how to do it

Please 🙏 help thank you

  1. Disable ads for certain users.
  2. Disable ad for specific users
  3. Disable ad for specific time for user
  4. Disable ad for specific time for a group of users example new users disable ads for the first week

The end result I'm looking for the best user experience in the forum

Thank you ❣️


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Use Ads Manager:

Or the free version if you are not selling ads yourself:

It has all the functionality you need.