How can I update an uploaded resource?

I am sorry if this seems rather trivial, but I just can't see how, on my forum, I can just overwrite a resource pdf I have already uploaded.

The work around seems to be to delete and upload the whole thing again, but does that delete the original file?

Your kind advice and assistance would be most gratefully received

Hi Mike

Thanks for this, I guess I don't have the correct update since my sidebar only has 4 of those choices. I will update the forum from 1.15 to 1.2.... soon and RM I suppose at the same time.

Many thanks


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
You should have the Post Resource Update option in any version.

You should also see it at the top breadcrumb:


If you don't see this, then it suggests some other issue. Likely permissions.

For example, are you the resource author? Only resource authors can post resource updates. If you aren't the resource author, then as an Admin (if you have permission) you should be able to Reassign the resource to yourself then as long as you have permission you can post a resource update.