XF 1.3 How can I make "bounced" status less restrictive?


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Last week I (and when I say I, I of course mean @BamaStangGuy ) updated our member status based on whether or not their email were reported to our email provider (Sendgrid) as bounced. We ended up with a lot of false reports (ie, member really had a good email address, but for some reason the ISP reported to Sendgrid it was not). Now, a lot of these members are trying to log in and complain that it appears they've been banned. Is there any way I can lessen the restrictions on this status? My goal was to make sure we didn't continue to email stale addresses, not to make members think they are banned.


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There should be any reason for them to think that they're banned -- there will be a big message at the top to indicate that their email is bouncing.

That said, when they are in an invalid account status, they will have the same permissions as a guest. If guests can't read anything, then I suppose that could be considered a ban. The only thing you could do is give more permissions to guests.