how many forums can i make with 1 license?


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One installation per license.

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the payment by You of the applicable fee for the Software, XenForo Limited grants You a limited, non-exclusive, worldwide license to install, download and use a single instance of the Software ("License") through a single installation. Each License may run one instance of the Software, accessible via one URL; any attempt to circumvent this limitation is prohibited and will result in the License being revoked. Automated checks may be used to verify your License, including but not limited to installations reporting their usage to Us.


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One question per the license text quoted below:

"Each License may run one instance of the Software, accessible via one URL"

Does this mean that a forum can only have a single URL, and that (technically speaking) a second domain/URL cannot be pointed/forwarded to the forum's instance? So, my "old" vBulletin forum's former URL, which points to my current XenForo forum URL, is not allowed by the rules?

XenForo forum URL:

Old vBulletin forum URL: <---breaking the rules?!?


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Pretty sure that if subdomains all point to the same database then that is still classed as a single installation.


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and what if you have a website, in multiple languages, with multiple domainnames? It is the same site, but because the name of the site is an existing word, it is better to have 2 different domainnames... (they are already existing, with a lot of traffic)