How best to import large VB 4.2.1 site

I'm currently on VB 4.2.1 and am about ready to jump ship from vBulletin, because I don't think my users will go for VB5. However, I'm not sure about the import process.

My forum stats are: 596,000 threads, 2.3 million posts and 7,600 users.

I've been using vBadvanced for the home page, but that's a thing of the past. I don't use the CMS/Articles. I just need to get my user accounts, posts and threads over.

How do I do this? Will moving this size forum be a problem? Will performance (I'm on an SSD based quad core dedicated server) be an issue with Xenforo and this size board?



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vBulletin Big Board Importer [vBulletin 3 + vBulletin 4]

This importer will help you minimize your downtime, but it is $150 and requires you to use the CLI, but if you are good at that, then you should be good to go. It will import everything you need, and you could also look into having someone like @Claudio or @Slavik, but if you want to do this yourself, this is something you should definitely consider if you value your time.
I'm fine with command line. Even when VB at this point, I have to use command line for some updates since their php update scripts will time out.

That said, having someone so it, especially if they can do a little CSS / theming to get a look similar to my current site would be worth it.


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The built in importer would be fine for a site of that size, although it would take longer than the add-on.

Importing is fairly straightforward and most people feel comfortable doing it themselves.


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I always found the default importer that comes with XF, a breeze when importing vBulletin.
you can do plenty of test imports before you make the final move.