Hover Over Title Is Awesome


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Op's, the border is too thick and does not fit the design
Yes, maybe just a little bit too thick and just a little too dark coloured. It really stands out very much on the otherwise light design, I agree.

But, still looks great.


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Yeah, it's a great idea.
In Firefox it looks as 3D :)
With IE8 as a funeralcard. :D


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It's fantastic.
If we start hassling:
- It takes some time to appear, which some users might not even see.
- The blue border is too thick for the subtlety and good taste of XenForo.


You guys might need to clear your javascript cache to reload the files.

And yeah it needs some work around the edges to make it match with the style but to see the basic concept get implemented is good :)


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I wish they would check with me before making changes, I am sure they are just trying to confuse me. :mad:

Nice addition, even if it may need a little tweeting from a design/display/browser point of view. :cool:


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If it wasn't put in the initial package I'm sure it would have been an add-on so nice one guys :).


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It looks nice :)

Off topic:

Your probably reading this from an overlay in the forum or search results, if so doesn't it rock?
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