XF 2.2 How do I show the group name when I hover over the user banner?

MFA Baybars

Hello, I made the user banners in the image.
When I get on the banner, I want to show the group names like admin moderator ...
I can call the user name with the code {$ fallbackName} but I don't know what to write for the group name. Help please :)

my message_macros code
        <div class="message-userDetails">
            <h4 class="message-name"><xf:username user="$user" rich="true" defaultname="{$fallbackName}" itemprop="name" /></h4>
            <div class="myUserBanner">
                   <xf:userbanners user="$user" tag="span" data-xf-init="tooltip" data-original-title="What Should I Write Here" />
            <xf:usertitle user="$user" tag="h5" banner="true" itemprop="jobTitle" />


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