XF 1.4 Hotmail Users are not getting confirmation emails


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Over the past few months, I have been getting complaints from people who have not been receiving their confirmation emails. Today I started to look into the issue and I noticed that EVERY SINGLE person who is not getting email confirmations is using a Hotmail address.

Is there a known issue with hotmail and xenforo? How can fix this?


I've tried setting the -f parameter, changing smtp settings, and making sure that the email domain name from the site that I'm sending it from. The only other issue could be that i'm using a shared VPS host and have a shared IP address. I'm guessing that has something to do with it. I used the AOL Postmaster test to determine that I have a reverse IP. Whatever that means.
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I Have seen a few reports of this over the past few weeks, all related to hotmail addresses.

It's possible your server IP address has been blacklisted.
In which case you will need to contact hotmail to try and resolve it.


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One of my servers is on the backlist too. Only hotmail.com emails won't go through. I believe it is because it is with OVH and they are known as spam company.