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Hosting company(ies) to host XF for US members


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I have searched here and found out that majority of people have recommended Nimbushosting, but this is located in UK. I will need an advise for US users - the best among them. I am currently hosting with Hostgator and when i did a test - it is loading in 6secs approx which i believe it is slow for starting forum. Also, i know i could change from shared servers when the traffic increases. Someone recommended Nginx and i do see this is too expensive for someone like me - just starting.

Any advise or recommendation will be great

Thank you


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Depends on what you're using it for.

I had quite a few issues with the service and moved away from it, though I still use it on a few sites that are mostly used for Google Apps.
Okay..please keep me posted. What do you think about Cloudflare vs Cloudfront vs MaxCDN


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Are you saying you want a USA Host? Is there a specific reason for this? I am currently using EuroVPS and absolutely love the service they provide.


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Thanks - Your site is fast compared to 6secs - but what do you mean you're only using cloudflare to host just DNS - Do you have two hosting companies for your site?
My domain dns is hosted on Cloudflare and my forum Files/Database are hosted on a dedicated server @SoYouStart :)


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I am in US and do not really want my server location to be far?
I believe i had this discussion before on WHT and i don't think it makes much of a difference if the server is in USA or Europe. Initially i wanted a USA server since most of my traffic was coming from there but me being on a Euro server now i don't think it makes much of a difference..