Helpdesk/Ticket system query.


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So I'm thinking of swapping from SMF to xenForo.

So far it seems xnForo would be a great improvement for my site, but I need to find some form of helpdesk addon or one I could bridge into a xenForo setup.

For example we use the free HelpDesk addon for SMF.

I'm not really wanting to pay for the helpdesk software but I don't mind a small subscription or one off payment if it does the job well.

Any ideas?


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I don't know if there's one out there currently but... depending on how complex you wanted it one option would be to jimmy rig a "support system".

Check this add-on:

You could basically put custom fields in on a certain forum, where users can maybe start new threads but, can't view others(privacy of the support ticket), but they could respond back to only their thread. All of that done via permissions.

Then use Prefixes to say closed, in progress, open ect... just a thought.

Adam Howard

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