Add-on HelpDesk system


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Hopefuly some one will create a HelpDesk type system, we currently use microSupport with our VB instalation.

Features that I'd like to see in it:

  • Accessible via navbar tab
  • Ability to assign certain usergroups as HelpDesk Technicians
  • Displays a users open tickets when they access the HelpDesk or if no open tickets links to the faq system.
  • Displays all open tickets when a technician accesses the HelpDesk
  • Sends email alrets for newly opened tickets to technicians
  • Sends emails notifing of replies/ticket closure to the ticket starter
Really hope someone makes something along these lines as I'm sure it would prove popular


I need this too, so if nobody releases something similiar in the next 2? months, i have to code this myself:D


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I've used Kayako before and found it to be clunky. A nice XenForo integration would be better. I'm not a programmer so not sure what's involved in creating a bridge with single sign on capabilities.