XF 1.5 Help with large moderation queue


New member
I just transitioned from vBulletin and had over 5000 posts in my moderation queue. We used to hide messages through the moderation setting vs. deleting so now we have a mess. I was able to eliminate 1500 of them with the Batch Threads option in the admin panel.

Now I'm left with about 3500 moderated posts and it looks like the only way I can delete them is to go through them 30 at a time, and not only that, I have to click each one individually to select for deletion so it is quite time consuming.

I am not aware of a way to view newly moderated threads and posts. I know some are getting moderated according to moderation rules but how do I find them?

Does anyone have suggestions for getting through these old moderated posts so I can see the new ones?

I try to delete batches of 30 every time I get on, but at this rate it will take many weeks. The only moderated posts I can view right now are from 2010.