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Steve Freides

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In another thread, I asked about adding a time delay before email notifications go out because I want to see content in context.

I have yet another, related issue in managing my forum which would require changes to the way the moderation queue works - I will explain.

Today, I received a post from a new user that I didn't wish to post but neither did I wish to simply delete it. My solution was to view it in context (using the ability to click on the time in moderation queue), move it to a test area of my forum, refresh my moderation queue, then allow the post. I also PM'ed the user to explain my decision, and added a reply to the original post in my test area for other moderators and administrators to see.

Much of what I did is available as functionality _if_ the post is allowed and then reported - notes can be made, the issue can be marked resolved or not, etc. But I need that for posts before they are made public.

In the case of today's moderated post, it was made in good faith and I wanted to handle it exactly as I did, with no adverse consequences to the user but, at the same time, _without_ it ever being visible to anyone on my forum. I don't see another way to handle this other than what I did - kudos to XF that I had a way to manage it at all, but better if there is a way to manage it that doesn't involve jumping through the hoops I did. Effectively, what I'm asking for is to, while looking at a post in the moderation queue, moved it to being both reported and non-permanently deleted without it ever becoming public.

Thanks for listening.

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