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Help make a home Tab (custom html)


Well-known member
Hey all,

I wish to create a simple addon.. Much like the "xenPorta" addon that is already available.. Now i don't care for any of the features "xenPorta" ... What i wan't to create is a simple addon that will do the following:

#1) Create a tab "Home" (mysite.com) and move the forums to (mysite.com/forums/)

#2) This addon "Home" tab will render my custom HTML from a file / template (preferably .html or .php)

I do not care for any sidebars / forums / threads / online members.. This will do nothing whatsoever asides from display my custom HTML / CSS within the xenForo wrapper.

Not even sure where to begin with this so i am hoping for any form of help / advise / input... anything that will point me in the right direction so i can learn as i go..

A HUGE THANKS in Advance to anyone who is able to HELP me with this.. Really would love to

Regards, Darren


Well-known member

Thank you Brogan that's awesome hahah taking a look now TY.. i was hoping to finally getting my hands dirty and learn something in the process but this might actually be great starting point.