XF 2.2 Getting "selected tab" style properties to work for newly added navigation tab


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Hi everyone,

I recently added a new navigation tab that's linked to a page node and can't figure out how to make the new tab change color when clicked. The site is permittingtalk.com. I'm using the PixelExit Bolt Header custom style. When I click "forums", "resources", or "members" those all become white but not when I click the new tab ("best offices").


Here are the settings under style properties / header and navigation / navigation row - selected tab.


Thanks for any help anyone is able to provide!


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You can highlight navigation tabs using <xf:page option="section">navigation_id</xf:page> in the template.

Thank you! - but would you mind please elaborating on where that code is to be placed? I entered it under the HTML section of the page I created under nodes (see below), but the navigation tab still doesn't become selected when I click on it.

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