XF 2.2 Rendering a custom mention in Html


Hey there,

so this will be a bit complicated I suppose:

  • I've managed to build a custom content type for mentions (similarly to how you can mention/tag users in posts)
  • The editor part is done - I can tag my custom content in posts (with an auto-completing finder method) and post them

Now, here is where it gets tricky:

  • The content type, let's call it ALBUM, only shows up as a BbCode. For example, when you edit a post with a user mentioned in it, the user will show up as {name}.
  • My custom mentioned content only shows up as [ALBUM={id}]{name}[/ALBUM] and never as Html.

What I've done so far
  • Extended the XF\BbCode\Renderer\Html class with a custom one
  • Overwritten the a
ddDefaultTags() method to include my ALBUM tag + built the related methods

I feel like I'm close to the solution of this but can't make it work.. like the last bit of the puzzle has to be rendering the BbCode above as proper Html, right?

Cheers and thanks for any help!
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