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This is actually extremely rare - and, just guessing here, may be more related to the lack of proper moves on the part of the XF legal team.

The courts usually keep in mind the fragility of small business v bigger ones. Also, there are strategies which smaller companies can use to fight - especially the court of public opinion:

Of course, these are not the domain of software developers.....which is why, if it were me, I'd have been running to the EFF and every other available "internet freedom" group from day one.

If pressure, in the form of bad PR and lost sales, can be brought against IB.....in a coordinated fashion, they are very likely to settle or give up. Again, all complete speculation, but maybe arbitration can work. IB has a good product and, if they have sane decision makers, why wouldn't they want to do away with the bad blood this is causing and more on to more sales and profits?

Sometimes, though, companies and individuals get a "bone up their arse" in course language...and do things against their own interests. But I find that to be the exception rather than the rule.
If this is the case I find it weird that they are currently in this situation. The lawsuit is so obviously frivolous due to the fact that they got sued before anyone was even able to view a single line of source code.


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That can be due to mis-communication - that is, the company has been sold once or twice, a lot of the people are not working there, etc.
That would seem to also work in XF favor...that is, those with somewhat personal grudges are likely to not be working at IB anymore.
Sometimes lawyers (IBs) keep things going themselves....big profit center for them!

Who knows? But it's nice to find out.

I've been in and out of a lot of businesses in my time, and never got sued because I always opened up a dialog and made some kind of settlement. This, of course, may be as much luck as anything else. You can't mediate or settle if folks have a completely unreasonable position.

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Wasn't showing off, just saying that he's clearly around, just to stop those stupid rumors already before one gets even started. Which seems to be a trend on this site lately. And a pathetic trend at that.
I know you meant good... was just lightening the mood here! :)


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That's a shame. I'd be inclined to buy more licenses but I could see them gathering much more money if people were able to "donate" smaller amounts (ie. lots of people giving smaller amounts likely nets you more than few people giving you large amounts).

Shame about UK law, I guess those laws are to prevent money laundering or similar.
How about renewals? They're only US$40, aren't they?

(which reminds me...!)


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