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Hello everyone, it's been a while.

I'm aware that many of you have been concerned that I've not really showed my face around these parts recently. I can only apologise for my absence and ask you to understand that I've been working through some very difficult personal issues that have been a source of uncertainty and anxiety for me for some time now. I've been conflicted as to whether or not to post, as I haven't wanted to announce my return until such time as I've felt confident that I'm back to stay, and that I can devote the necessary time and effort to focus on our great product and wonderful community. Here I am.

By any measure, XenForo has been and continues to be a phenomenal success. The software has turned out better than I could ever have imagined, and the response to it from the community at large has been incredible, both in terms of sales and feedback. Seeing enormous sites like IGN moving their forums over to our software is hugely rewarding. It's a great pity that Mike, Ashley and I have been unable to really celebrate that success due to the dark shadow of the ongoing lawsuits hanging over us and the grotesque cost of mounting a defence against them, which has meant that virtually every penny that XenForo has made has been consumed by legal fees rather than paying us a salary or allowing us to hire more staff to develop our products faster. Nonetheless, I continue to have faith that the claims against us will be shown for what they are, and that in time we will emerge even stronger than before, and will continue to build world-beating software that people will want to use.

I'd like to thank the many people who've sent me personal messages of support recently. It's heart-warming to see that so many of you care enough to get in touch, even when I'm not around. Thank you, all.

Now, let's get on with doing what we do best.


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Really sorry to hear about your difficult personal issues mate. I really hope that they are subsiding for you....

<--- Never lost the "faith" :D


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It's so good to see you back, Kier. I hope the burdens you've been facing improve with time, and you have our best wishes. I wish there was something more I could do personally, but know that the thought is there.

I hope finally everyone can move on from all the conjecture and throw full support behind the team.


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Kier, take your time. There is no need to rush or put yourself under pressure.
Always think long-term........ and you will win. :barefoot:

All the best!
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