XF 1.3 Heading not showing in new page created


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I recently created a new page at the footer called Privacy and added my description, but looks like it is pulling down the heading of the forum to the foot of that page. I also expanded/added more texts on the terms and use page - the same this happened. What could be causing this? Am I expanding the page??? or what??



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I decided to delete the Privacy Policy page and or reduce the number of words in Terms and use - I think i expanded the page and as a result it pulled down the headings to the bottom. This has fixed back the headings to go up to the top

But i would like to add more node/tab at the 'Help" section at the footer


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The header was at the bottom due to malformed HTML in the page content.

Hello Brogan - I have reviewed the HTML and i don't see any malformed - everything seems to show but ONLY the heading is pulling down to the footer - Even when i create a new page called "Privacy"
Thank you