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have you heard?: moot

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rodrigo Farcas, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Rodrigo Farcas

    Rodrigo Farcas Active Member

  2. rollthebones

    rollthebones Active Member

    Home page: http://moot.it

    It isn't downloadable so I'm not really interested.
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  3. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    I checked it out earlier today and wasn't really impressed.
  4. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member


    Especially for those of us who have been looking for something different (more wordpress-y less forum-y) for a while now.

    Seems too simplistic to call a forum however.

    But some very sexy features, I love the responsive design, the vector graphics, the lack of bumph.

    Still... it's no Xenforo :love:
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  5. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

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  6. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    I never noticed their responsive. That is nice. Hopefully we will see that in xenforo soon.
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  7. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

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  8. Ernest L. Defoe

    Ernest L. Defoe Well-Known Member

    Seems ok. Real easy to use but I still prefer more options, more control, and being able to run it on my own hosting.
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  9. EQnoble

    EQnoble Well-Known Member

    It is nice...but to me is not really a forum in the sense of what I consider forum software the biggest part being that I can't download it.

    On the other hand I like and respect the makers of the product as I have quite an affinity for 2 other products they worked on which serve me quite well and have been a paid customer of theirs for years now. They really do good work and I am happy that they went and made this platform available as an option for people who don't require a full blown forum software package on a server of their own but do want more than what is available with your average social network.

    Some of the features they have are pretty awesome as well, especially the real time thing and I like their idea on how to combat uselessness on sites meant to be about meaningful dialog and less about the bs. Responsive layout is pretty clutch as well.

    From their site:

    I like the idea behind this and wish them the best on their endeavors with this product. I wish them as much success as they have had with jQ Tools and hope people find this software as useful as I found Flowplayer which they also had their hands in pretty deep.

    Good luck guys!
  10. Crayo

    Crayo Active Member

    Some of it is really nice. Parts of the UI is great, and the real time alerts are pretty fantastic. However, it's tried too hard not to be a forum for me.
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  11. Sador

    Sador Well-Known Member

    Who the hell thought it was a good idea to hide the reply box unless hovered over it?
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  12. EQnoble

    EQnoble Well-Known Member

    I think it is pretty idea for the circumstances it is in...

    For me it makes sense because the point of the whole thing focuses on conversation...meaning don't even think of typing until you read and can thus reply to something. Of course if you are not replying and want to be creating a new conversation you would just type into the field at the top of the page and the point of the reply box is ...well... moot.

    The first line will be the title the remaining text being the content. It all really seems to be based on simplicity.

    After playing with it a little bit I can say this is really it's own thing.

    It is not a forum, it is not a social network, it is a minimalist integration of the two that focus's on simplicity and things being instantaneous.

    I literally signed up and created 3 boards in < 2 minutes...Insane.

    Though not really a forum by definition to me...it is something I would use instead of social networks which I don't really use at all. This really is like a bloat-free social network platform. You can also embed the entire thing and restyle it on the fly and embed it...in fact...I think I could make a bbcode to embed this in like 2 seconds...lol.

      You can put this page on your web server and see it working on your browser.
      Follow these steps to embed this on your own page:
      1. Copy the lines starting with (1) from the HEAD section to your own page's HEAD
      2. Copy the A tag (2) from the BODY section anwhere inside your BODY
      3. Verify that the page works on your browser.
      4. Fine tune the looks with CSS. Details: http://moot.it/docs/?xenxero#styling
      For more help:
    <!doctype html>
          <meta charset="utf-8">
          <title>Moot Forums</title>
          <!-- (1) Optimize for mobile versions -->
          <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
          <!-- (1) Moot look and feel -->
          <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://cdn.moot.it/1.0/moot.css"/>
          <!-- (4) Custom CSS -->
          body {
            font-family: "myriad pro", tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif;
            margin: 0; padding: 0;
          .moot {
            font-size: 18px;
          <!-- (1) Moot depends on jQuery v1.7 or greater -->
          <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js"></script>
          <!-- (1) Moot client application -->
          <script src="http://cdn.moot.it/1.0/moot.min.js"></script>
          <!-- (2) Placeholder for the forum. The forum will be rendered inside this element -->
          <a class="moot" href="http://api.moot.it/xenxero"></a>
            (2) Example tag for commenting, put it on a different page
            <a class="moot" href="http://api.moot.it/xenxero/blog#my-blog-entry"></a>
            (2) Example tag for threaded commenting
            <a class="moot" href="http://api.moot.it/xenxero/blog/my-large-blog-entry"></a>
            Moot paths are awesome: http://moot.it/docs/?xenxero#path
    That's kind of cool.
  13. Sador

    Sador Well-Known Member

    Which might or might not be interesting for more technical users. How about those that aren't? Do you think those people will hang around trying to figure out how they can reply? Do you think they'll ask?

    Assuming you want a random guest or member to do anything, the last thing you'll want to do is hide it or make it harder to get there. And I think most forum owners want their members and guests to post things, not just read and then go away.
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  14. EQnoble

    EQnoble Well-Known Member

    I mean you move you mouse over the conversation and it appears...in 2013 if people don't get that I really don't know what to say. It's not like there is a million other things on the page. You can't miss it really.
  15. Morgain

    Morgain Well-Known Member

    Well it looks like a muddled kind of blog to me. Really messy and I couldnt see what to do how to navigate
    I'm a pretty good test for an unsophisticated user. This is not clear and NOT inviting.

    It has all this STUFF crashing at me but nothing to say I'm welcome, nothing to say there is a space just for me. In fact several page elements tell me I've already missed out so I'm instantly inferior, rejected and an outsider. NO THANKS
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  16. Sador

    Sador Well-Known Member

    On a daily basis, I work with people who are unable to plugin a cable from one machine to another machine, plug out the power cable of a device or wonder whether they should write the number "7" with a capital 7 because it's the first letter in a word / sentence. I'm sorry, but I lost some of my belief in people.
  17. EQnoble

    EQnoble Well-Known Member

    What I was getting at...was directly to do with your comment about the reply.
    ..the reply is there if you are hovering over that conversation element.

    I did not say the project was perfect...there is many things with that software that need to be worked out and I found some actual errors in functionality myself just a few minutes ago. I was directly talking about the one feature you poked at that I find to be rather smart actually.

    As Morgain pointed out...there is issues with a level of understanding from different user perspectives..I just don't think the reply box hiding from an element you are not hovering or active on is one of those issues. Navigation to and from threads seems to be harder to understand for some if anything.
  18. Fufu

    Fufu Well-Known Member

    This definitely has potential. However, I wonder if this is an Internet Brands company and/or inspired? Seriously, look at the jQuery and AJax. Yet, the blogs act like a vBulletin 5 type reply style.
  19. kkm323

    kkm323 Well-Known Member

    This is not a forum, can I see a large thread with over 200 words?
    I do like the placement of the forums in all pages
  20. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    Twitter extended?

    It does feel like your missing other threads and I also got lost with it a little but i put that down to not be familiar with the latest tech of this "forum" technique. I took another look, there are some things I do like but mainly it's like you jump into it and you basically read at random, there's not organized content structure you can just click to or atleast that's what it feels like.

    I think Kim said it best. "It's no Xenforo".

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