Have you bought a XenForo License?

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Hey guys. :)

Since I read Ashley saying that the actual number of licenses sold shall not be revealed and shall be for internal consumption only, I thought of creating a thread where members can indicate whether they have bought any XenForo license(s) and if so, how many.

I know it would only give a crude estimate, but I think it's better than nothing.

So please clearly mention how many XenForo licenses you have bought. And I believe it goes without saying to be honest and to kindly not re-post.

I'll be adding and updating the count over at this thread hopefully as frequently as possible. The thread is originally meant to record the number of licenses sold in the first 24 hours of sale.

@ Moderators: I hope that this thread does not violate any forum rules. If so, please feel free to edit / close the thread. Thanks!


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Don't see a place where I can buy it yet. It's 3am where I am at. Will try again in 4 hours.
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