I just bought a XenForo license! :-)


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Don't mind Dig Doc he's a sweet joker - he's knows VB all too well!

Welcome to XF Quiver. You're going to have loads of fun.
Ah me! I remember being an XF Virgin too the thrills the squeals the joy the lack of sleep the playfulness the pride the sheer ******* sexiness of XF oooh er!

See you later Quiver. Help on here is fast and good when you've done the es\ay bits and want to try being more ambitious.


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Yes, the news is..."I'm loving this software!" I really, really HATED phpBB.
XenForo is so fluid with built in SEO. I'm really liking the built in SEO. :)
I've installed my forum. It's a Web Hosting Forum. Just need members.
Right now, though, I'm enjoying playing around with this lovely software.


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Really like your (cute) design and the site concept. Like your Categories and structure very much I think you made good use of my little tutorials there!
Not sure about XenKing directory. I find a lot of those pre-set categories are junk. If categories don;t get a good no. of items in them the thing doesn't work. I'd rather tag my entry and maybe go in more than one (which could be a paid option?)
Did you look at Showcase?

Ah - I respectfully advise you WARN me that I get loaded with YOUR signature advert! That was quite a shock and I found it quite intrusive - never seen that before. I can see it's a clever idea and I think I would not have felt annoyed ad invaded if I'd had a courtesy warning.

LOVE the design.


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Welcome to xenForo! :)

You'll love the xenForo software. Like you said, the software was designed by the original vB3 developers! :D
phpBB seems to be losing steam. It's not moving forward.
Odd thing to say given the last XenForo update was in March, no?

I'm considering software packages (Vanilla Forums is nice but only their hosted version). I have experience with vBulletin and phpBB (years ago) and run a XenForo forum as well. vBulletin is at least seeing regular development.

Digital Doctor

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vBulletin is at least seeing regular development.
Good point.
If you want to update your forum weekly for the next 2 years ... get this.
I guess there are three kinds of development:
(1) fixing your mistakes
(2) no development
(3) moving forward.

I know where XF and vB stand on this list.
You pick your own poison.
Good point.
If you want to update your forum weekly for the next 2 years ... get this.
I didn't say vB was the way to go. Just that you made an odd statement. phpBB was updated more recently than XF.

I chose XF for a forum back in March/April, but it's low on the list for a new forum I'm looking to develop (this week) because of the lack of updates.

phpBB is not on that list. I've never cared for phpBB. vB 4, IPB, and others are.