Happy Mothers Day


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Happy Mothers Day to all of you lovely ladies :D

My mom passed away in 1991 than I divorced my wife in 2001 Imagine that



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Happy Mothers Day! Just got my mom her favorite food and a card, keeping it real and simple :)

My girlfriends mother passed away 9 years ago today, so embrace them while you have them!


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Downunder we allow the ladies out of the kitchen on mothers day, yes I know we spoil them, but hell we can get our own beer during the footy on one day at least.


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Good news on this front.

My mom is being moved out of Surgical Intensive Care tomorrow - or at least we hope she is.
Almost lost her this past week. I had a bag packed and was ready to jump in my car and head to Florida this past Tuesday. She had surgery a week ago this past Friday, and was doing pretty well, was even in a regular room.

Then last Monday she had a bad reaction to the pain medication she was on, and went into respiratory distress. They had to call the emergency response team twice that night. Monday she was moved up to surgical intensive care, sedated, intubated, placed on a respirator, and restrained. She's been like that til yesterday, when she was doing well enough to remove the breathing tube.

I talked to her just a few minutes ago and she sounds much better.

So spend what time you can with your mothers, if at all possible. I live 2,000 miles from mine, and haven't seen her in over a year.

Happy Mothers' Day.