Add-on Maximum Allowed Moderator Actions Per Day


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I don't think this is possible or available but could be wrong. This add on would determine how many actions a moderator can take per day.


Your moderator has a compromised system and someone else gains access to your forum using their account. This results in a deletion rampage of content and other things. Likely not catastrophic damage but a pain for you to undo.

If you know your moderators rarely perform more than say 10 actions per day, you can set the add on to only allow them 10 actions per day. If they are compromised their mod powers end after 10 actions, so the mess is minimised.


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I know this is an add-on request but in the meantime have you considered switching on 2-factor authentication for moderators? To me that would seem to be a more secure and less restrictive option.


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2FA doesn't do much if they've set "remember this device for 30 days" and someone gets hold of their laptop. I do plan on getting them on 2FA soon but some of them are not tech savvy and might struggle setting it up.