Wanted: XF Add-On: Limit Posts Per User Per Day

I am administrator for this XenForo-based forum: http://StrongFirst.com/community

It has been agreed that we'd like to be able to cap (probably at 25 or so) the number of posts any individual user can make in a 24-hour day.

We need an add-on that will allow us to manage this by the usual means, e.g., by the individual or by the group.

We are a small company with a small budget, and things like this tend to take much longer than I'd like to get approved, but I want to start the ball rolling and get this done asap.

If you are interested and able to do this for us, either with an existing XF add-on or as a one-off for us, please give me a cost, and references and links you'd like me to look at, and after a few days, I will make a recommendation to the company to authorize this.


Thank you, everyone - I have received several replies and will continue the conversations in email - no further need for additional responses to this.

Thanks again.