As designed guest post does not show up in "Recent Activity"

Adam Howard

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Recent Activity is listed under the "Members" tab. So it should show your "Members Recent Activity". Guests are not members.

That would be my take.
Member tab is viewable by guest and "recent activity" should count toward all recent activity made by everyone who post.

That is my take.


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Don't really see this as a bug, either.

You can allow guests to view the Recent Activity page so that they see your members' latest activity or disallow them so they don't.

Adam Howard

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The phrase on the page says:

Recent Activity
Activity stream for all registered members at XenForo Community.
Really think it should count for everyone.... I still see this as a design flaw (ergo bug).

For us, guest are also seen as (unofficial) members. When you have a thread 3 - 4 pages long, it should count as "activity"

I'm thinking to figure out how to "fix" this without changing core code....

Chris D

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Guest posts should trigger a thread to become "unread" and therefore appear under "New Posts", regardless (XF1 and XF2).

This thread was specifically about those posts not appearing under "Recent activity". However, it's worth noting that in XF2 this has changed, and guest posts DO appear in Latest activity.