XF 2.1 Resolve Report on Delete post does not include a "Send resolution/rejection alert" option


We've run into a bit of a usability issue with deleting a post and resolving a report at the same time.

On the Report page itself, you can send a resolution/rejection alert:


However, if you hit "Go to content" on the Report page, and then elect to resolve a report when deleting a post, the "Send a resolution/rejection alert" is not available.


This has caused a pretty severe issue between moderators and post reporters.

While the moderator who deletes a post and resolves a report from the "Delete post" pop-up assumes the post reporter is being notified, the post reporter is annoyed because they haven't received an alert about the deletion and think nothing is being done, or think the mod is not giving them the courtesy of a response.

Not having the "Send resolution/rejection alert" option on the "Delete post" page now means the mod has to remember to un-tick the Resolve Report check box, and manually return to the post report to send the alert. It's more fiddly than it needs to be, specially on a mobile screen.

Is this normal behaviour? Or has an addon or some other modification at our end done this?

Is it possible to give the moderator the "Send resolution/rejection alert" option on the "Delete post" page?