Add-on Guest cache - Save 50% server resource for Xenforo


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70% my online users are Guests (not logged in), all pages for guests are the same. But each page need 10 queries or more so they waste server resource. I want to paid for a Caching Addon to cache pages for guests (normally from 1 - 5 minutes).

When a guest open a page, the addon will save whole page in html. And next guest open it, the addon just read html from Cache system (like memcached) and display it. No query need to display cached pages.


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Doesn't the normal Zend page cache do this to an extent?

I am having a tough time understanding the exact functions of all the separate cache types. My Memcached is not gobbling up very many resources, so it obviously does not feel the need to cache many pages or queries.

I also have the built-in cache turned on.

Someday, one of you has to write a little white paper carefully explaining each level of cache. I can understand what APC does, but there are many others...

Built-in Linux cache on server
Zend cache built in

Some simple examples would help. For instance, staring with the very basics, which cache would hold images which may be loaded up often? Which would hold the JS? Or does most of the JS end up on the users machine?

Since all XF pages are dynamic, it's tough to figure out what memcache is going to it pieces of queries? Or just php and image files...

I can start another thread on this if need be - Cache for Dummies.